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so this weekend it kinda sucked cuz i didnt get to go down to LBI with Mal and the guys because i found out about this bat mitzvah i had to go to for a family friend. i usually hate bat mitzvahs becuase its just a lot of 9 year olds running around thinking they're the most bitchin things but this one wasnt so bad cuz ally went too and we just hung out the whole time and made fun of people and tried to take pictures of guys in the mafia and old ladies named blanch and then emo pictures of me
also i got to wear this really sick suit that was my dads or something when he was a teenager it was so retro and i kinda wore it as a joke but it was black and i only like black suits
it was so rad so here are a couple of pictures

Ok so at the thing I was sitting next to this really gnarly fat guy who I think was in the mafia and I wanted a picture of him but I couldn’t get it so Ally kept acting like she was taking my picture but really she was taking his unfortunetly you couldn’t see him but oh well here it is anyway (im on the left)
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this ones a little clearer but still no cigar
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this ones the least clear I think
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my mom getting her freak on
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a bunch of kids on stage with the DJ who sucked
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then we also wanted a picture of this really old lady whos name was Blanch so here I am standing next to her but we couldn’t get her face
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then ally just took these of me because she said I looked cute in my suit
cute in the suit
black suit, as you can see and I must say I did look rather dashing
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I think I look chubby in this picture but yeah there it is
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