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Hey thanks for stopping by the lj of allister (thats me). My old LJ is (you might notice that its suspended) but ever since the day when i tried to help my awesome friend daryn try and get into a community (and maybe cause some mischeif along the way) my lj was suspended mostly cuz i stole this bitches lj icon. her and her dirty bitch friends kept commenting in my journal saying shit and i told them to fuck off. anyway. i got this e mail from livejournal

Dear LiveJournal user lincoln_highway,

On 20 February 2004, you were informed that if you did not correct the
Terms of Service violations present within the specified time, your
account would be suspended. As these changes have not been made, your
journal has been suspended. It will remain suspended until you contact us
and express your willingness to correct the violation noted above. You
will have a limited time to make the necessary changes, and if you do
not make the changes within the time frame necessary, your suspension
will be permanent.

Please note that any attempt to evade this suspension (using an
alternate account or creating another account to use, etc.) will result in the
permanent suspension of all of your accounts.

LiveJournal Abuse Team

your job is to simply leave a comment right here in this live journal that says "free allister" and also it would be awesome to sign your name but no pressure dudes and ladies. we're gonna need a lot of comments to get my lj back so you can also leave more than one if you want. thanks you guys are all sexy
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